Moon tracking 07/29

Yesterday we tracked the Moon. First tracking done after fixing some issues on AZ (internal rack, motors)

The protocol is as follows:

  • Moon tracking, starting at  19h42 UTC (07/29) [135.6,11.1], ending at 02:07 UTC (07/30) [225.2,11.0]
  • Pb8 offsets aligned with IS-905 (207,30.4)
  • AZ speed: 0.020°/s
  • Frequency: 4.125 GHz
  • Spectrum analyser: 5dB scale,
  • 1D tracking algorithm

The following picture shows the received signal during the tracking:


We have some clipping, but still these periodic oscillations…The good news are the oscillations can be correlated to a previous tracking experiment [ref].

The bad news are that the team feels desperate…