Problem with one of the two AZ motors

The AZ movement of PB8 is driven by two DC motors working in opposite modes (given the AZ direction one is pushing, the other is pulling). After cleaning the AZ rack we noticed  a large difference between the current consumptions of the two motors. Moreover, we observed different voltages at the tachometer outputs of the motors. Strange, indeed!

To figure it out, André and Lucien took the motors to pieces.


And you know what, the key seat on the shaft of one motor was empty !


During all these years, PB8 has been operated with a missing key… or the key has fallen somewhere in the meantime…

A quick look at the blueprints (to be sure…that we should have find something):


A new key is installed on the motor’s shaft:


A quick check on the two current gauges [or tachometer outputs???]:


Everything is fine now, let’s do a new tracking.