PB8 is a 13m dish antenna located at the following position: latitude+48.785045, longitude -3.517545 (WSG84 model).

The antenna was built in 1986 and started operation in 1987. It was one of the last satellite base stations operated at Pleumeur-Bodou by France-Telecom, the french historical telco, during the 90’s.


PB8 is a Cassegrain-type antenna. The primary reflector is a 13-m diameter paraboloid; its focal length is 3.5 meter. The secondary reflector has a diameter of 1.40 meter; its shape is conformed for optimal performance in the C-band. The feed is a high-quality corrugated horn with opening diameter 30cm.

The PB8 reflector is steered by an alt-azimutal mount which vertical (elevation) angular motion is driven by a worm-gear mechanism. The effective angular range is [15º 345º] for the azimuth (counted from North) and [10º 89º] for the elevation (counted from the horizon).

Using its genuine C-band radio-frequency equipment, PB8 could transmit and receive signals at the same time. Transmission was in the range  5850 – 6425 MHz and reception in the range 3625 – 4200 MHz. LHCP and RHCP circular polarizations were both used for transmission and reception. Those capabilities are still available and used.