About us

ORPB is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the use of dish antennas located on the historical telecommunication center in Pleumeur-Bodou, Britanny, France.

Pleumeur-Bodou is a historical technology place where the first TV transmission using a satellite link was performed in July 1962 on the 11th. This transmission involved a similar equipment located at Andover, Maine, USA. During 40 years that place was kept active and unique, showing a great variety of antennas in that peaceful and picturesque land of Brittany.

Our organization aims at giving a new breath to this equipment, more specifically to PB8, a 13-meter dish antenna, refurbished and turned into an open station to reach student audience, amateurs and the general public. PB8 is now a scientific and technical tool to study radio-astronomy and to perform long distance microwave transmissions.

One of our main missions is to enhance PB8 tracking accuracy and frequency range, and to diversify its use through various projects ( Earth-Moon-Earth communication, tracking of GNSS satellites, radioastronomy, etc).